Welcome to Beijing axn Sleep Clinic

Bejing axnSleep Clinic is always devoted to provide comprehensive solutions for people with all kinds of sleep disorders, taking good care of you and your family’ s physical and mental health.
We regard you as our relatives and friends, we know that sleep disorders have more comprehensive and complete prevention and treatment plan.
The safety, comfortable and convenient medical experience originated from professional medical service.
All axn Sleep Clinic staff welcome you!

The Classification of Outpatient Service

As the need of life, sleep plays a vital role in the process of body recovering, integrating and consolidating memory, also an integral part of health.
There are over 90 kinds of sleep disorders till now.Some of them occur simultaneously with mental illness and affect each other.
Through the classification of common sleep disorders, we provide you with three types of outpatient service: common sleep disorders outpatient, psychological outpatient and featureoutpatient with axn characteristic.

A Refractory Insomnia Outpatient

Child and Adolescent Psychological Clinic Service

Female Emotion Management Clinic

Psychosomatic Medicine Clinic Service

Phymatosis Psychology Clinic Service

Addiction Clinic

Customer Service and Experience


We wish you get more professional service by outpatient with axn characteristics, family-style PSG service and individualized diagnosis and treatment plan.


We wish you be much safer by offering Multidisciplinary Team, one-for-one detailed inquiring, patients’ privacy agreement and online information security system.


We hope you be more comfortable in the clinic by appointment and providing better clinical environment which is higher than the industry standards.


We wish you receive more convenience service by exploring more possibilities for combining medical service with the Internet.

our values


Excellence originates from great values.

At the beginning,we have established the value sight of enterprise that is“keep improving;gently treating”which has been engraved in every medical staffs’heart in axn Sleep Clinic.


“Keep improving” - we own an outstanding medical team.

We have detailed process of medical care, strict diagnosis and treatment rules as well as service assessment supervisory mechanism. We reject excessive medical treatment and attach great importance to humanism hammering at satisfying your deeper medical needs.


“treat others like yourself” - we see you as our family

We notice your needs and listen to your voice as far as possible planning a professional, safe ,comfortable and convenient clinic period for you.

Making an appointment

1. From the reception of axn Sleep Clinic: The first floor, Building 3, Dijia Plaza,
Wanliuzhong Road, Haidian District, Beijing

2. By WeChat: Add the official account “axnsleep” —— Outpatients Appointment

3. Call the customer service line : 400-0900-321.

4. Download the APP “axnsleep” to make the appointment